“Wellness tourism” as envisioned by the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau is prepared to support your journey to wellbeing and a healthier lifestyle through travel.
We offer a variety of plans that provide a delightful journey towards better health both inside and out.


In Kansai*, people have always been picky when it comes to their food. This, combined with the long history and rich culture in Kansai, along with the relentless devotion to innovation and improvement of the Osaka people, brought forth a great diversity of cuisines. It is said that the basic Japanese meal style of “Ichi-ju San-sai,” literally meaning “one soup and three dishes,” provides an ideal nutritional balance. Skillful use of “umami” flavors allow for a diet low in animal products, which some claim is the secret to Japanese longevity and low obesity rates. Traditional Japanese “Washoku” cuisine was added to UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list, and “Shojin-ryori,” Japanese-style vegetarian Buddhist cuisine, has been called the ultimate health food.

* The Kansai region - which includes Kyoto, Nara, Wakayama, Mie, Hyōgo, Shiga and Osaka - is the cultural and historical heart of Japan.

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With Osaka as its gateway, Kansai is blessed with more World Heritage listings and sites than any other region of Japan. Located at the center of Japan’s land, sea, and air transportation networks, Osaka provides an ideal environment to reach all of Kansai’s richness conveniently.
There are hot springs to soothe the body and soul, as well as numerous ancient forests where you can experience nature’s healing influence. Find yourself during a visit to an ancient temple, and experience the soul-transforming power of Zen.

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Make use of Kansai’s abundant natural blessings through spas, sports, and yoga, or by visiting one of the renowned chiropractic facilities available for you to try.
Experience quintessentially-Japanese skill and attention to detail in the countless esthetic salons for a renewed look through makeup techniques or to look after the health and beauty of your nails and hair.

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Osaka is known as "the city of apothecaries", and the spirit of dedication towards wellbeing continues to live on today in various areas. Most notably, it lives on in hospitals that played a crucial part in the effort that won the Nobel Prize for IPS cell research and regenerative medicine.
With such a background in medicine, Osaka has a number of reliable, state of the art medical testing facilities. Here you can receive high quality medical care with the most advanced technology, in a relaxed, courteous environment.

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Take it slow and stay at one of Osaka’s first-class hotels or fine traditional inns where you can enjoy an elegant trip that heals you in body and in soul.

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Choose sites, experiences, and activities that appeal to you and create your own personalized travel plan.
Create your own original itinerary to enjoy a journey that soothes both the body and soul.